Taking science and technology as the guide, taking product quality as life, taking environmental management as the starting point, and continuing improvement as the purpose.

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Constantly forging ahead and constantly pursuing progress is the driving force for the transformation, upgrading and growth of the Telida Group. The charm of Telida comes from the humanized cultural power of Thaleda, the creativity of pioneering spirit, and the competitiveness of enterprising spirit.

Company culture

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Forty years of hard work, generations of hard work, for the Telida Group has accumulated a good corporate culture, created a unique corporate soul, which is the valuable spiritual wealth of Telida, is to promote the continuous development of Telida business The inner power of growth.
For more than 40 years of hard work, Thaleda has followed the trend of the times and historical trends, seeking up and down, seizing opportunities, and constantly transforming. The company has always maintained its vitality and established a good reputation and goodwill. In the new historical period, we At the time, we should strive to create a century-old enterprise as our ideal blueprint.
For more than 40 years of experience, Telida's products and services have been favored and loved by customers. The company's performance and performance have made shareholders feel satisfied and satisfied. The corporate culture makes employees happy and proud, and actively fulfills their social responsibilities. , recognition and appreciation, become the industry benchmark.
For more than 40 years of history, Telida will be based in China and facing the world. It will be on the international stage to allocate resources and expand the market with a broader vision, and win business success with maturity and self-confidence.
Loyalty and patriotism, advocating justice, respecting the law and discipline, respecting the system, and sticking to the legal and moral bottom line. Adhere to the spirit of business ethics and contract, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of stakeholders, abide by the commitments, and know how to do. Advocate sincere and frank interpersonal communication, not only on, not arbitrary, to build a simple and transparent management atmosphere.
Performance orientation:
Performance is the lifeline of the company's survival and development. It insists on competing with strength, paying for returns, speaking with performance, and continuously creating value for society.
Emphasis on the "evenness" of performance, performance is not only reflected in the scale of operation, development speed, but also reflected in the improvement of organizational capabilities, innovation in management models, and the cultivation of excellent talents. It is comprehensive, balanced and high quality. Performance.
A business without growth is not a good business, and a team without performance is not a good team. Performance is an important criterion for Talida to select, employ, evaluate and motivate people.
people oriented:
Respect human values, develop people's potential, sublimate people's hearts, care for and treat employees from life, emotions and growth, build a platform for employees to realize value, and share development results.
Comply with and meet the reasonable needs of human nature, advocate a positive, green and healthy lifestyle, and provide customers with excellent products and services.
Be grateful, be humble, emphasize balance and sustainable development, pursue multi-party cooperation and win-win, and harmonious coexistence between man and nature and society.
Innovation and development:
Vigorously cultivate innovative systems, improve incentive mechanisms, restraint mechanisms and fault tolerance mechanisms, create an open and inclusive atmosphere, and continuously enhance innovation capabilities.
Take the time and take the initiative to change. Adhere to customer orientation, be brave in subverting ourselves, and constantly seek new breakthroughs in business models, technologies, management, products and services.
Encourage innovative thinking, adhere to continuous learning, be good at drawing on advanced models, experiences and methods, and achieve innovation at the grassroots level, innovation in the post, innovation for all, and innovation for all.