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Introduction to Runze Garden

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[Shuiyushan Run·Ze was Dongpu]
The East Gate of the world's longevity, the millennium rich canal town - Ding Wei, a small town of more than 1700 years old, a land rich in water and soil
[Shuiyushan Run·Ze was Dongpu]
The East Gate of the world's longevity, the millennium rich canal town - Ding Wei, a small town of more than 1700 years old, a land rich in water and soil, mild climate, a place where the canal meets and the land is accessible. Such a landscape city forest is in your arms and becomes a private real estate with excellent feng shui. Will you be heart-warming?
The knot is in the human world, and there is no car and horse. With the wave of urbanization construction in recent years, the renovation of the old city of Dingjing has been moving from time to time. Nantong TEDA Real Estate is aiming at the prime location of the town center and has started the first shot of the old city transformation. Runze Garden is located at the intersection of Rutai and Tongyang Canals. It is a place where the weather is right and the water is constantly flowing. It means that wealth comes from the source.
The word "Runze" is taken from the "Wild Temple" by the poet Wang Hao of the Song Dynasty. "The color of the cream is thick and moist, and the dark fragrance is more calm and quiet. It means that the beautiful scenery gradually infiltrates the earth, and the camellia is soaking.
In the business, you are facing the mountains and the sun, the beauty of the birds and the beauty of the birds, why not put everything in the air, follow the waves in the gaps of the wind, along the rivers that have accumulated hundreds of years of sunshine and rain, savor the depth of the wine Humanistic heritage, grass shore boat, levee Yangliu, Yushu smoke, this is the success of your return after the prosperous life, in the world longevity home to hold true low-key luxury.
The overall concept of “Runze Garden” is based on the noble private owners. From the overall layout and spatial scale, to the comfortable and pleasant indoor environment, the exquisite and beautiful architectural appearance, all of them are devoted to the good intentions of the TEDA people. The vision planning, intimate detail design, close to the peaceful courtyard atmosphere, harmonious landscape and space sense, all show your distinguished leadership style; low-rise townhouses facing the water, northward gradually high-rise mansions, riverside beauty and fashion The architecture complements each other, and the natural feng shui blends perfectly with the human courtyard, ensuring that each mansion receives the most abundant sunlight and receives the gentlest breeze. Entering the "Runze Garden", away from the hustle and bustle of the city, warm and sunny, flowers and plants, art and confidant, this kind of peace and indifferent mood atmosphere, only the real famous wealth can only grasp the gods.
“Runze Garden” is the benchmark for the high-rise luxury villas and high-end villas of Dongshou Gateway, the hometown of longevity. “Teda Real Estate” will devote itself to creating the most perfect business package, providing the most nanny property management and delivering the most sincere intimate service!
Shuiyushan Run, Ze is Dongpu, "Runze Garden", this is your private landscape real estate!