Taking science and technology as the guide, taking product quality as life, taking environmental management as the starting point, and continuing improvement as the purpose.

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Office phone:0513-81182775

Business department telephone:0513-88563604,88561188、88563608(Consulting product categories and related businesses)

Production Department Telephone:0513-88563619

Logistics Department Telephone:0513-88561598(Suppliers can also contact)

International Trade Department Telephone,0086+0513-88563604 (Export business)

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Constantly forging ahead and constantly pursuing progress is the driving force for the transformation, upgrading and growth of the Telida Group. The charm of Telida comes from the humanized cultural power of Thaleda, the creativity of pioneering spirit, and the competitiveness of enterprising spirit.


Daily chemical raw materials

日 用 化 工 原 料表面活性剂TX—4—40壬基酚聚氧乙烯醚系列用作工业乳化剂、净洗剂、抗静电剂、润滑剂表面活性剂AEO—4—9脂肪醇聚氧乙烯醚用作工业乳化剂、净洗剂、抗静电剂、洗涤剂的活性组份表面活性剂平平加系列 用作工业乳化剂、净洗剂、抗静电剂,纺织工业用作匀染剂、剥色剂椰油酰基甲基牛磺酸钠 用于配制泡沫浴、香波及洗面奶等产品  是一种很好的防 剂和发泡剂,适用作牙膏和化妆品的泡沫剂、洗净剂
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