Taking science and technology as the guide, taking product quality as life, taking environmental management as the starting point, and continuing improvement as the purpose.

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Office phone:0513-81182775

Business department telephone:0513-88563604,88561188、88563608(Consulting product categories and related businesses)

Production Department Telephone:0513-88563619

Logistics Department Telephone:0513-88561598(Suppliers can also contact)

International Trade Department Telephone,0086+0513-88563604 (Export business)

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Constantly forging ahead and constantly pursuing progress is the driving force for the transformation, upgrading and growth of the Telida Group. The charm of Telida comes from the humanized cultural power of Thaleda, the creativity of pioneering spirit, and the competitiveness of enterprising spirit.

Fine chemicals

精 细 化 学 品油酰肌氨酸 缓蚀剂N—油酰肌氨酸十八胺盐 为油溶性防锈添加剂,亦可用作食品机械的缓蚀油组份3—氯—2—羟基丙基磺酸钠 医药中间体羟基乙基磺酸钠 日用及医药中间体牛磺酸 保健品苯基二异丙醇胺 聚氨酯增链剂N—羟乙基苯胺 染料中间体活性甘宝素 杀菌剂,去屑止痒
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