Textile additives

Textile auxiliary detergent 808N-oleoyl-N-methyltaurine sodium is a detergent for wool, woolen fabrics, velvet and other fabrics, a treatment agent for printing, dyeing, bleaching, and cooking, and a main raw material for household detergents. The combination of 105 polyoxyethylene ether and alkanolamide is used as a cleaning agent for knitting, woolen linen, and printing and dyeing industries. It can remove floating colors from fabrics or after printing. The TD-450 non ionic surfactant complex is a super concentrated non ionic cleaning agent, mainly used for washing raw wool, and can also be used as a washing agent before and after dyeing. The FXC-B non ionic surfactant complex is used for dyeing or printing wool, woolen fabric, velvet, and other fabrics





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