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Chemical additives are used as a certain kind of chemical additives, its variety of types, generally including metal processing additives, plastic additives, papermaking additives, construction additives, water treatment additives, coating additives, leather additives, electronic industry additives, textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries, wood additives, etc.

Metalworking aids are roughly divided into:

Anti-rust lubricants, metal cleaning agents, drawing fluids, stamping fluids, cutting fluids, electroplating auxiliaries, metal process fluids, etcPlastic additives are roughly divided into:
Plastic brightener, plastic deodorant, foaming agent, antifogging agent, antioxidant, mold release agent, anti-gnawing agent, etc
Papermaking additives are roughly divided into:
There are four categories of pulping auxiliaries, papermaking auxiliaries, coating auxiliaries and chemicals for secondary processing of paper.
Coating additives are roughly divided into:
Brightener, dispersant, conductive agent, curing agent, drying agent, toughening agent, emulsifier, thickener, defoamer, leveling agent, anti-crusting agent, matting agent, light stabilizer, antifungal agent, antistatic agent, anti-rat bite agent, etc
Textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries are roughly divided into:
Thickeners, adhesives, cross-linking agents, emulsifiers, dispersants and other printing aids, etc
Wood additives are roughly divided into:
Wood preservative, wood waterproofing agent, wood fungal repellent, wood bleach, wood flame retardant, wood softener, etc

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